Pet Day Camp

Day Camp for Pets in Salt Lake City

Wag, Play, Lick, Stay

Our day camp facilities include an 18,000 sq. foot outdoor playing area filled with a fun variety of everything a pup needs. Ample play structures and four separate play areas provide plenty of space for all of our furry friends to entertain themselves. While our play area is designed to encourage exercise, it’s also built for comfort. Covered with a thick layer of pea gravel means that we can ensure that our play areas are both sanitary and won’t get hot. Areas of Snap Lock Flooring, canopies for plenty of shade, plus climate controlled buildings available to enter and exit at will throughout the year have been specially designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. 

Wanting to be social is simply instinctual for dogs; that’s why we incorporate open play with others into their daily routine. Regular playtime with other dogs has numerous benefits for your canine family member.

At Old Farm Pet Resort, we pre-screen and evaluate every dog with our Social Evaluation test before they are approved for open play. This evaluation ensures that we can provide quality care in an environment that is safe for our staff and for all of our furry friends that visit the Farm.

Before playing with us, all dogs must participate in our Social Evaluation to ensure they are a good fit for our open-play environment. This Social Evaluation is provided free of charge and is offered 6 days a week for your convenience.

Social Evaluation Times

  • Mon-Fri 11:00 till 4:00
  • Sat 12:00 till 5:00.

Please call 801-266-9016 to schedule a FREE Socialization visit.

Special arrangements can be made if you are not able to bring your dog in prior to boarding. (Please call our office for further information).

I don’t take my fur babies anywhere else but Old Farm Pet Resort. I’ve tried a lot of places out there. The staff members here are always attentive and compassionate and you can tell they really like what they do. This is the difference between OFPR and the others out there. They remember me and who my dogs are. I appreciate them enriching my dogs’ lives during the day while I’m at work. It offers so much peace of mind. Thank you Old Farm!

Lynnett N.