Register in advance! You can download our registration packet to complete and then bring it with you when you arrive. Please note, we must also have current vaccination certificates for each pet that will be staying with us.

We have been taking our dog in here for quite a while. They always have great employees, very attentive and you can tell they really care about the animals. My dog is always excited to go in either for a couple hours or a couple days to see his friends.

Brent T.

The OLD FARM PET RESORT and its staff welcome you and your pet to “The Farm”. Every effort will be made to ensure your pet’s visit with us is both safe and enjoyable.

Owner acknowledges that animal interaction or boarding in unfamiliar surroundings can be stressful to your animal. Some of these conditions that could possibly occur are: Diarrhea, Colitis-an inflammation of the large intestine, Lack of Appetite & Anxiety. Owner is also aware that stress may cause dormant conditions to become active or any medical condition your pet currently may have could become exacerbated during boarding and/or daycare.

LEGAL: While it is ““The Farm’s” policy to maintain the safest environment possible; there is always a risk when allowing animals to interact freely with one another. During playtime; cuts, punctures, scrapes, scratches etc. can happen and even under constant supervision, fights and altercations can also occur. Pet owner agrees to hold harmless “The Farm”, its owners, officers, and staff, for veterinary costs, or any legal claim regarding injury, illness, escape and/or death of any pet visiting “The Farm”. In the event my pet causes injury and/or death to another animal, [in the custody of The Farm] pet owner assumes all responsibility both financial and legal, for the action(s) of their pet from the date of injury and there forth.

ILLNESS: Owner agrees that should your pet become ill while at “The Farm”, our staff will make every effort to: (1) contact the owner at the number(s) listed on the registration form, to include any emergency number(s) and/or the owner’s Veterinarian. (2) In the event the aforementioned is unsuccessful, ““The Farm” will contact a licensed Veterinarian, to evaluate and/or treat the animal. (3) Owner agrees to be responsible for any and all expenses necessary to care for said pet. In the event the pet owner refuses medical attention; “The Farm” reserves the right to mandate the immediate removal of the pet.

“THE FARM” takes every precaution to ensure the well-being of your pet and to prevent any type of illness or disease by the following procedures: cleaning and sanitizing daily, laundering all bedding and towels and making sure all pets are properly vaccinated upon arrival. Owner UNDERSTANDS & ACKNOWLEDGES that even though these procedures are strictly enforced & followed, any time you, the pet owner chooses to bring their animal into an open Boarding/Daycare facility, there is always a slight risk involved. Owner acknowledges that vaccinations DO NOT ensure 100% immunity and does not exclude your pet from contracting an illness, disease, or parasite while visiting our facility (ie. Colds, Flu Viruses, Respiratory infections, Lice, & Fleas) just like children who attend daycare or school, even if they have received a flu shot they can still contract the flu. This is the same scenario with dogs & Bordetella ( Kennel Cough) or other airborne viruses & parasites. I, the pet owner, will not hold “The Farm”, its owners, officers or staff liable if any of these conditions occur during or after leaving the facility or for any veterinary bills incurred there after.

VACCINATIONS: “The Farm’s” policy is to require all animals visiting “The Farm” to be current on all vaccinations and to provide written verification; upon initial visit. However, the Bordetella Vaccine [Kennel Cough], is required every six months [this rule has no exceptions]. We highly recommend that your pets have all vaccinations up-to-date a week before arriving at our facility. We reserve the right to refuse service to any non-vaccinated animal.

We regret that we cannot accept puppies (under 16 weeks) for either day-care or boarding unless they are current on all needed vaccinations (including Bordetella) due to their immature immune system.

ABANDONED PETS: In the event a pet has not been picked up as scheduled, and a definitive date and/or plan has been discussed with Old Farm personnel; the following will happen: After 72 hours said pet is abandoned and “The Farm” will proceed in placing abandoned pet/pets in an appropriate animal shelter or family home. “The Farm” will make every effort to contact the pet owner [via contact numbers in pet’s file]. At the termination of the 72-hour period, a certified letter will be sent to the pet owner’s address [as it appears in the file] regarding the abandoned pet. Please note: The abandonment of a pet does not terminate, the pet owner’s financial responsibility to Old Farm [for care & boarding, food, all applicable medical & legal costs, etc.]